North America West 1 Results

North America West 1 Results: Nephew takes 1st Place!

North America West 1 Results

The first event for the North America West region is now in the books and we have the winner! Nephew has taken first place using Kolin as his main character. XSK Samurai and his Akuma took second place and 801 Strider using G took third place. Nephew has now earned a qualifying spot at Capcom Cup 2020 early next year! Now let’s take a look at the full North America West 1 results for top 8!

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit our videos page, where we will have a playlist for matches from the event!

North America West 1 Results: Top 8

Placing Handle Characters
1st Nephew Kolin
2nd XSK Samurai Akuma
3rd 801 Strider G
4th UYU|JB Rashid
5th Alex Myers Chun-Li/Cammy
5th Snake Eyez Kage
7th EQNX|Filipinoman Chun-Li/Menat
7th RADIANCE|Commander Jesse Dhalsim/G