First Attack 2019 – LATAM Regional Finals Results: USA’s REC|Punk wins Open Event and Brazil’s Zenith wins Regional Final and Qualifies for Capcom Cup!

Regional Final: First Attack 2019 – LATAM Regional Finals Results

First Attack 2019 – LATAM Regional Finals, held at San Juan, Puerto Rico from October 26th through 27th is over and we have the final results! As a Regional Final this event consists of two separate tournaments. The first is an Open Event which can be entered by anyone and is scored like a Premier Event. The second is the Regional Final itself which is an invitation only tournament consisting of the top 8 players on the CPT Latin America regional leaderboard standings. No points are awarded for the Final.

Brazil’s Zenith wins Regional Final and qualifies for Capcom Cup!

Brazil’s Zenith doesn’t do a lot of traveling to compete but that hasn’t stopped him from having an impressive season. He took 2nd place at the Fight in Rio Ranking Event in mid-July and took 1st place at TRETA Championship in early August. Here at First Attack he used his Menat to defeat RES|Pikoro from Peru’s M.Bison 3-2 in Grand Finals. He had a few tough battles along the way but never left the Winners bracket. With this win he has earned himself an automatic qualifying spot to Capcom Cup 2019 in December!

USA’s REC|Punk continues a record-setting season with Open Event win!

To say that REC|Punk is having a great season is an understatement. As of now it’s a record breaking season. His win at the Open Event here at First Attack will give him 4,655 points. He has now surpassed the previous season high for CPT points held by Japan’s ROHTO Z|Tokido in 2018 with 4,431 points. Who holds the third place record for most points in a season? REC|Punk in 2017 with 3,080 points. Sure the structure of the Capcom Pro Tour has changed over the years but that doesn’t diminish the unbelievable accomplishments that Punk has pulled off. There’s also one more Premier Event and a Super Premier Event to go!

It will not surprise many that Punk did not make it into Grand Finals in the Winners Bracket. France’s GO RB|Luffy defeated Punk in Winners semi-finals 3-2. Punk would win his way to Grand Finals for a runback and would beat Luffy 3-2 in the first set to reset the bracket and 3-2 once again to seal the victory.

The Bubble

There are only two events remaining in the 2019 season and just like any other season there are players on the borderline, either currently having just enough points to qualify or are very close to it. The two big movers after First Attack were USA’s iDom and France’s Luffy. iDom was clinging to the bottom of the cutoff at 26th place with 745 and has now moved up to a more comfortable 23rd with 905. Luffy was outside of the qualification spots at 33rd place prior to this event and is now at 2th with 835. USA’s UYU|JB has moved up from 28th with 675 to 27th with 805 and is on the cutting edge between making the cut and not and will need to score some more points in the season’s final two events. The two remaining events are a Premier Event and a Super Premier event, so there are still a lot of points out there for the taking so there’s still opportunities for big surprises to happen.

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit our Videos page, where we will have a playlist for matches from the event!

Regional Final Results: Top 8

Note: No points are awarded for the Regional Final event. See Rules page for details.

Placing Handle Characters
1st Zenith Menat
2nd RES|Pikoro M.Bison
3rd BANDITS|MenaRD Birdie/R.Mika
4th EF|ElTigre Laura/Ibuki
5th Kusanagi Sakura
5th F3|Lilo Zeku/Balrog
7th SONICBOXX|Doomsnake507 Vega
7th Keoma Karin

First Attack 2019 – LATAM Regional Finals Results: Top 48

Note: Global points are awarded for the Open Tournament as a Premier Event. See Rules page for details.

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st RECIPROCITY|Punk Karin/G 700
2nd GO RB|Luffy R.Mika 350
3rd NuckleDu G/Guile 200
4th iDom Laura/Poison 160
5th CYG BST|Fuudo Birdie/R.Mika 130
5th UYU|JB Rashid 130
7th DETONATION|Itabashi Zangief Abigail/Zangief 100
7th CYG BST|Daigo The Beast Guile 100
9th RAZER|Xian Ibuki 70
9th RRQ|Moke Rashid 70
9th UYU|Oil King Rashid 70
13th SONICBOXX|801 Strider G 40
13th BANDITS|MenaRD Birdie 40
17th AZ|Kichipa-mu Zangief 20
17th UYU|Kami Akuma/Rashid 20
17th F3|Lilo Balrog 20
17th RISE|K-Brad Karin 20
17th TEMPO|Alex Myers Cammy 20
17th W2W|Toi M.Bison 20
25th MONO|Haku (2) F.A.N.G. 10
25th Zenith Menat 10
25th GO|DR Ray Ibuki 10
25th END|Shine Ibuki 10
25th GAM|Jochy Akuma 10
25th Terrence Chun-Li 10
33rd EG|Ricki Ortiz Chun-Li 5
33rd SONICBOXX|DR Mandrake Urien 5
33rd TIGERS|Luiman20 Dhalsim 5
33rd CYG BST|PR Balrog Lucia 5
33rd EQNX|Brian_F G 5
33rd GETGOSU|Darlan Akuma 5
33rd AAA|EightGrade Akuma 5
33rd ASM|Mister Crimson Dhalsim/Karin 5
33rd TTG|Shadow_Mark Necalli 5
33rd TH|Aeon Urien 5
33rd RADIANCE|Commander Jesse Dhalsim 5
33rd EG|NYChrisG Chun-Li 5
33rd iG|Jiewa Akuma 5
33rd SONICBOX|Doomsnake507 Vega 5
33rd Xavi Necalli 5