Capcom Pro Tour and Capcom Cup Return in 2020

CCapcom Esports will have a full slate in 2020, including the Capcom Pro Tour, (CPT) Intel World Open (IWO) and Street Fighter League (SFL). Given how busy the calendar year will be, the CPT will have a revised structure and schedule to accommodate competitors.

CPT 2020

The CPT will continue to use a leaderboard to determine Capcom Cup 2020 qualifiers. The season will be split in halves, with points resetting after the first half. More on that later. Competitors and fans will notice the schedule is more condensed. There will be 14 Premier Events and 18 Ranking Events in 2020.

The CPT Points Matrix will be revised, and we’ll have an update on that at a later time.

World Warriors Challenge

Another big addition to the CPT 2020 is the World Warriors Challenge. You’ll notice that Regional Finals Events from the past are no longer a part of the CPT. Instead, what we’ve done is created a competition within the CPT designed to reach more regions around the globe, and potentially create grassroots communities in less active regions.

The goal is to have players compete at local events, and hold national/regional qualifiers to send players to Capcom Cup.

Capcom Cup 2020

Forty (40) players total will qualify for Capcom Cup 2020.

The reigning Capcom Cup 2019 champion will once again have an auto-qualifying spot. However, the winner of CC2020 won’t be able to get auto-qualified to CC2021.

Sixteen (16) players will qualify through the new leaderboard format. Eight from the first half of the season and another eight from the second half of the season (after the point reset from the first half.)

Twenty-two (22) players will earn qualifying spots for Capcom Cup 2020 through the World Warriors Challenge.

Capcom Cup Last Chance Qualifier returns for 2020, so one final player will have a chance to earn a spot in Capcom Cup at the finale.

This is just an overview of the Capcom Pro Tour in 2020. We’ll have much more info on the revised points structure, how the World Warrior Challenge will work, and more at a later date. Make sure you follow Capcom Fighters on Twitter and visit for updates.

Oh, one last thing.

For the first time ever, Capcom Cup 2020 is going international as the event will take place in Paris! Mark your calendars and we’ll see you in France!