ASIA Premier 2019 Results: Japan’s VICTRIX|Momochi Wins!

Super Premier Event: ASIA Premier 2019 Results

The second of three Super-Premier events for this season, ASIA Premier 2019, is now concluded and we have the results! The event was held in Chiba, Japan from September 14th through 15th. It was a sensational event with over 1,000 players from around the world participating. Being a Super Premier, up to 1,000 points was up for grabs for first place. This is enough points to earn yourself a qualifying spot in Capcom Cup this December.

The winner of the first Asia region Super Premier is Japan’s VICTRIX|Momochi, who defeated fellow Japanese legend Mago in Grand Finals 3-1. Momochi has already had a great season up to this point holding the 20th place position on the global standings prior to this event. His previous best performance was a 2nd place finish at the first Premier Event of the season, Final Round in mid-March. He also has several top 16 finishes at other Premier Events and earned 9th place at the season’s first Super Premier, Evo! Momochi went through the entire tournament in the Winners Bracket. Momochi already held a strong position to get into Capcom Cup but pocketing 1,000 points from this win assures his qualification.

Coming in at second place is Japan’s Mago. We said in our recap of last week’s PPL Fighter Masters Premier Event that Mago would possibly make a late season run for points to get into Capcom Cup and so far that’s holding true. He earned 3rd place during that event and this week he did even better. This accomplishment is even more impressive than last week due to this being a Super Premier with the increased level of competition that brings. Mago got all the way to Winners Finals before he was defeated by Momochi 1-3. He would get the rematch against Momochi in Grand Finals but fell short.

NASR|AngryBird is having a great 2019 season with some runway left to go. He was sitting at 16th place on the Global Leaderboard with a 1st place finish at the Brussels Challenge Major Edition Ranking Event in late April as well as two high finishes at Premier Events (3rd at The Mixup in April and 4th at VSFighting in late July) already on the record. The 300 points for 3rd place earned here is certainly enough to secure his spot at Capcom Cup. AngryBird took his first loss to Momochi in Winners semi-finals 1-3 and was finally eliminated in Losers Finals by Mago in a close 2-3 set.

Now let’s take a look at the full ASIA Premier 2019 results for top 192!

If you missed any of the action, be sure to visit our videos page, where we will have a playlist for matches from the event!

ASIA Premier 2019 Results: Top 192

Placing Handle Characters Points
1st VICTRIX|Momochi Kolin 1000
2nd Mago Karin 500
3rd NASR|AngryBird Zeku 300
4th RED BULL|Gachikun Rashid 200
5th AXIZ|Shuto Urien 160
9th LIQUID|John Takeuchi Rashid 100
9th RECIPROCITY|Punk Karin 100
13th UYU|Oil King Rashid 80
13th CAG|Dogura M.Bison 80
17th YOG|Machabo Necalli 60
17th ALUS|Yang Mian Zeku 60
17th SNB|Johnny Karin 60
17th AMG|Unsung Zeku 60
17th UYU|NL Akuma 60
17th GRAPHT|MOV Chun-Li 60
25th FAV|Sako Menat 50
25th Poongko Abigail 50
25th Nishikin Blanka 50
25th ECHO FOX|NuckleDu R.Mika/G 50
25th GS|ZJZ Karin 50
25th CYG BST|Infexious Zeku 50
33rd RISE|K-Brad Cammy 40
33rd BC|Kazunoko Ibuki 40
33rd Crossover Akuma 40
33rd DNG|Nauman Sakura 40
33rd SIN|Brandon Akuma 40
33rd ALUS|TodayCEO Dhalsim 40
33rd SONICBOXX|DR Mandrake Urien 40
33rd CG|Torimeshi Dhalsim 40
33rd Chris Wong Ibuki 40
33rd IamChuan Guile 40
33rd CYG BST|Fuudo Birdie 40
33rd Crusher Birdie 40
33rd Takamura_B Akuma 40
33rd Haku (2) F.A.N.G. 40
49th SSNO|Sakagami Balrog 30
49th Powell Cammy 30
49th Kawano Kolin 30
49th RAZER|Xian Ibuki 30
49th Ooitajin Chun-Li 30
49th Takuyar Ryu 30
49th Chado F.A.N.G. 30
49th GSCE|XiaoHey987 Akuma 30
49th MOUSESPORTS|Problem X M.Bison 30
49th Iori Rashid 30
49th Verdoyance Blanka 30
49th Neneshi Kolin 30
49th Kojo Sakura 30
49th Yujix Chun-Li 30
65th XG|YoYoTai R.Mika 20
65th AE|Kosaku Kolin 20
65th Gunyan Ken 20
65th AZ|Kichipa-mu Zangief 20
65th Necalli-no Necalli 20
65th Iincho Nash 20
65th Humanbomb Chun-Li 20
65th Ranmasama Rashid 20
65th Esuta Guile 20
65th B.O.B.|Xiaobao Lucia 20
65th Sousuke Vega 20
65th Rintarou Zeku 20
65th Oppoi Ibuki 20
65th Naooonn Akuma 20
65th Amano0128 Poison/Nash 20
65th ORDER|ROF Birdie 20
65th IXA|StormKubo Abigail 20
65th FAV|Ryusei Urien 20
65th SSNO|Yasu Rashid 20
65th Nobi_Nobita 20
65th Aiai Juri 20
65th Yoro Karin 20
65th Mizuha Kolin 20
65th Fujii Ryu 20
65th Motchan F.A.N.G. 20
65th NVD|Veggey Birdie 20
65th GZDOJO|Weili Laura 20
65th Ryukichi Akuma 20
65th IXA|Gunfight Alex 20
65th CYG|AVM|GamerBee Necalli 20
97th Echo Vega 10
97th Surume Necalli 10
97th MenaRD Birdie 10
97th Mohamendo M.Bison 10
97th WE-R1|Trashbox Birdie 10
97th CCL Urien 10
97th CYG BST|PR Balrog Akuma 10
97th Momuran Juri 10
97th Ikari Balrog 10
97th Yossan Juri 10
97th Anson Fok Balrog 10
97th CAMDUKI Cammy 10
97th Kagyu- Karin 10
97th WE-R1|KaNaBaTa Ryu 10
97th YHC-Mochi Dhalsim 10
97th Beison R.Mika 10
97th NILLZO Cammy 10
97th TALON|HotDog29 M.Bison 10
97th Dutch Akuma 10
97th TEMPO|Alex Myers Cammy 10
97th Dixon M.Bison 10
97th Abeshi F.A.N.G. 10
97th Dusk F.A.N.G. 10
97th Ponzaman Rashid 10
97th KFGC|Verloren Ibuki 10
97th Toriha Ed 10
97th YomiAZ M.Bison 10
97th Yuzuponzu M.Bison 10
97th Caba Guile 10
97th IXA|Jazzy Ken 10
129th Takenoko Satoshi Chun-Li 5
129th FEA|TSUCHININ Sakura/Lucia 5
129th Uiri Necalli 5
129th Reoreo Vega 5
129th Pal_Creation Karin 5
129th Shiba_D M.Bison/Kolin 5
129th ROT_CHICKEN M.Bison 5
129th Iroha G 5
129th UYU|Kami Akuma 5
129th Peronica Alex 5
129th AIR 5
129th Hamachi Juri 5
129th Yana39108 Ken 5
129th TripleEyez Ken 5
129th TALON|Denesis M.Bison 5
129th Eitino Vega 5
129th Reiketsu Vega 5
129th Beslem Ryu 5
129th Fennec Necalli 5
129th Sakaguchi Vega 5
129th OneOne Akuma 5
129th NazoChanko R.Mika 5
129th Majorboy Ed 5
129th TF|Showhey Nash 5
129th Bobii Ryu 5
129th Uzura Alex 5
129th Rage O. Kage 5
129th Maikii 5
129th AZmax Urien 5
129th Yanai G 5
129th RED BULL Hx|Bonchan Karin 5
129th EG|Ricki Ortiz Chun-Li 5
129th KUDO Akuma 5
129th Kofmaster F.A.N.G. 5
129th MEGA Kacho Abigail 5
129th Duke Poison 5
129th Andou Urien 5
129th Mishie-Oishi2 Laura 5
129th Komatsu Vega 5
129th FB|Hatsume Cammy 5
129th DiaboloDOC Ed 5
129th BreastPantyHip Sakura 5
129th ORDER|Travis Styles Balrog 5
129th Jojotaro Akuma 5
129th Miya R.Mika 5
129th Suijyu 5
129th Kona G 5
129th BROOK|Tamsui Laura 5
129th Nanai M.Bison 5
129th MH|Armpitplay Akuma 5
129th LGK|Supikun 5
129th Tagosaku Ibuki 5
129th Tse4444 Balrog 5
129th Uemara Blanka 5
129th Shiratama55 Ibuki 5
129th Sunny Guile 5
129th AMG|Narikun Ibuki 5
129th Uosuke Kolin 5
129th SYSTEMDOWN|Dayao Urien 5
129th Sawakaze Laura 5
129th CRESTGAMING|Kindevu Akuma 5
129th Lopez F.A.N.G. 5
129th UYU|JB Rashid 5